A Grassroots Approach

Much can be said about a brand by the company it keeps. Given ATA’s desire to make a big impression on a limited budget, we knew we’d get more for the money if we developed partnerships that would help promote an offer.

The first step was to identify the appropriate local, “homegrown” businesses and non-profits that would give ATA the positive association we were looking for. The next step was to successfully negotiate the terms of the partnerships.

In addition to an outdoor campaign, we created a grassroots sampling program that delivered discount vouchers on ATA flights. ATA provided the partners with free airline tickets and in-flight programs in exchange for media space or access to their customers.

A sample of partners and trade offers included:

• BART – Advertising on trains and in stations, voucher distribution in stations

• Blue and Gold Fleet – Signage and voucher distribution to customers on boats, free ticket giveaways

• Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market – Title sponsorship of spring event: featured logo, voucher distribution

• Lee’s Delis (11 locations) – Printed discount voucher on 150K bags, in-store signage

• Metreon – Exclusive travel partner for events, $70K worth of media space

• Pasta Pomodoro – Inserted 50K vouchers with all checks, in-store signage. Also included B2B component, free trips and co-sponsored parties for corporate catering clients

• KQED – On-air pledge drive sponsorship including gift and sweepstakes offer, web banners, ad in program guide offered discounts to members, ATA staff volunteered during pledge drive and appeared on camera in ATA gear

ATA airline BART ad Hawaii ATA airline BART ad Chicago ATA airline BART ad New York ATA airline boat ad ATA airlines SF in-restaurant ad ATA airlines Metreon ad ATA airlines grocery bag ad

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