Branding Project Examples

We have put together a few branding projects and style guide examples for you to get familiar with our work.

Style Guides

The M-Line has created a wide variety of style guides over the years. Each guide was built with the individual client’s needs and wants in mind. Here are links to three sample style guides. (Please note: the Platinum Born guide is behind a password-protected firewall. The page displayed here is a simple screenshot for review.)

“You guys do great creative.”

John Wilcox, Publisher, San Francisco Examiner

“Our ability to consolidate all or communication design and marketing needs to one agency was crucial. The M-Line has proven successfully over and over again, their ability to create, build and sell all our brands.”

Scott Barnum, CEO, Pyramid Breweries

“We are fortunate to have such a partner in The M-Line. They understand first hand the importance and complexity of all the working parts of a municipal airport. It’s this holistic view that has helped lead us to the success.”

John Martin, SFO, Airport Director

“Their ability to quickly grasp our unique business challenges and meet them with fresh and effective solutions is unparalleled.”

Dan Feshbach, CEO, MeasureOne