Movie titles. Apps. Financial institutions. Healthcare. We’ve invented words and names for anything imaginable. From brands to products, category names to tech/web companies, we’ve named everything from a fleet of commuter ferries to platinum necklaces. We’ve even worked on a children’s medical condition that was mysteriously undefined…

A seriously great name captures attention and grows on you over time. It energizes your brand and your target. But there’s a minefield of barriers, like URL availability, passing trademark and working internationally. Solving this complicated puzzle takes a ton of insight, creativity, and experience.

Over more than 20 years, we’ve developed a multi-path process for creating great names. Included: an extensive list of relevant candidates in a myriad of styles, an interactive strategy to engage clients throughout the project, and a guided team selection forum that not only gets results but builds enthusiastic consensus. We handle custom assignments as well as maintain a “private reserve” library and shelves of ready-to-go names and URLs in every category.

Therapy dog program takes the stress out of travel at SFO.
Academic acheivement-based lending.
Individualized learning program from Bellevue University.
Solar design, automation tool from SunRun.
Access for credit through cell phone usage for the unbanked.
Global vacation property network.
Student data insight for schools, lenders and investors.
Natural hazard risk assessment.
The Berkeley Festival of Ideas.
Hands on, multimedia art and technology museum in SF.
Connecting collectors and young artist online.
Discussion group services for corporations and individuals.
Instant access to CoreLogic and LoanPerformance products.
Bringing media planners, buyers and sellers together.
The patient friendly clinical trial finder.
Elemental industrial design through manufacturing.
Optical network connectivity for big data.
Business incubator and venture firm.
End to end software development, modeling and IT consulting.
Cable mobile provisioning.
Digital media.
Business intelligence software.
Engineering and compliance.
Integrated web-based work systems.
Web enabled IT infrastructure learning systems.
Medical patient software.
Broadband and voice solutions.
Real time global trade automation.
Internet monitoring service for Zone Alarm Security.

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